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Is this Banksy?

Artist wears mask and hangs out with Snoop at Playboy club

Is this Banksy?

With most of his work being conducted at night it’s hard to imagine that Banksy lets his hair down that often (does he even have hair?). All that clandestine stencil spraying must get pretty tiring, so surely the last thing on your mind would be to attend a celeb-filled party.

Imagine our surprise when we clapped eyes on these snaps, which apparently show the elusive chap attending Snoop Dogg’s private gig at the Playboy Club in London.

Yes, we are led to believe that this here (above and below) is the great man himself, albeit wearing a strange skeleton mask. And a dog collar. Talking to a Playboy Bunnie.

This all seems very normal.

(Images: Rex Features)