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First look at Elementary

Spoiler: Sherlock Holmes has tattoos

First look at Elementary

What do you get when you take one British man, some body art and a post-rehab stint set in New York? No, it's not the Pete Doherty biopic, but rather the new Sherlock Holmes series Elementary.

In this new clip from the US show, set to air on CBS, Lucy Liu stars as doctor Joan Watson who has been sent to help Jonny Lee Miller's Sherlock rehabilitate (although from what, it's not clear).

Miller seems to perform the anti-social investigator well and in true 'Sherlock' fashion he says he answers to no one (he's a maverick and he has ink).

Somehow, we still can't see this being any better than the UK's already spectacular version with Benedict Cumberbatch. Think differently? Tell us below.


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