David Cameron Photoshopped on a poppy & the internet has a field day

Posted by
Dave Fawbert

It's not been an easy couple of months for David Cameron on social media.

Following hot in the trottersteps of #piggate, he's now been ridiculed after one eagle-eyed man spotted that an old photo of him had seen a poppy digitally added. It was posted on the 10 Downing Street Facebook page with Twitter user Dylan Morris alerting the internet to a golden opportunity for mockery.

An hour later, Downing Street rectified their error, posting a photo of the Prime Minister actually wearing a real remembrance poppy but, thanks to the glory of screenshots, it was far too late to prevent the internet unleashing all of its Photoshopping skillz, quickly dubbing the episode #poppygate. A spokesman blamed the incident on an "oversight" and said that the altered photo had been deleted.

Too late guys, too late....