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Cool 90s Pop Culture Art

Cool 90s Pop Culture Art

Cool 90s Pop Culture Art

Another sober indication of the passing of time is that the 90s are now well and truly retro. The 80s, well that's practically the stone age now.

But the good thing is that that means we can now look back with unashamed love and nostalgia at 90s icons and pop culture, which is something that the Ltd. Art Gallery in Seattle do extremely well.

Their new art show opens this Friday May 2nd (10pm-2am), running until June 15th and will feature a superb selection of 90s pop culture art.

You can find out all the information at their Facebook event and check out some preview shots below.

(Images: Ltd Art Gallery/Dennis Salvatier/Jaymee Donelson/Maxime Crouzet/Nan Lawson/Stephen Hayford/Greg Attonito)