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Channel 4 Mispronouncing The Simpsons

Next, it's double Dimpsons

Channel 4 Mispronouncing The Simpsons

No matter how glamorous your job, every supermodel, Premier League footballer and Channel 4 continuity announcer has to instil some fun into their daily routine to stop it from becoming, well, routine.

And it appears those witty folk at Channel 4 have been doing that for some time now. The Simpsons might be a jewel in the crown of the UK’s fourth channel’s schedules, but according to those that link between one show and the next, it is The Sampsons, The Dimpsons, The Crimpsons, The Flintstones, The Rumpelstiltskins or even The Cheese and Onions.

Confused? Watch below...

Image: Rex


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