Captivating Colour and Line Art Series


We can't quite put our finger on why we like this art style so much.

When you come to browse the works below, you'll notice that the selection in question incorporates various fingerprint themes, thus making the above joke an absolute gem. 

The work of Manchester-based illustrator James Oconnell, the Colours and Lines series applies its namesake elements to a variety of themes, "everything from biscuits I love to tattoos - there's something for everyone". Sure, most artwork features some sort of combination of colours and lines - but this is something special.

From pop culture icons to big name food brands, we'd almost consider one of these for a suitably hipster tattoo design. Almost. 

Head over to Oconnell's Behance page to see more of his brilliant work. 

(Images: James Oconnell)

[Via: Behance]


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