Brilliant minimalist city posters


Skylines can be grubby things, littered with clashing architectural styles and dirty great mistakes.

Irish design studio Me&Him&You have got an eye for picking out the characters of a horizon - and a nose for a good drink. Their project City Screenprints reduces the clutter of city skylines to clean representations of the major structures, and includes a single signature drink from the area.

To make their hometown Dublin print that extra bit special, artists Ronan O’Gara and Peter Dillon have added a drop of Guinness to the ink. Delicious.

You can pick up your own print from the Me&Him&You site, but you'll have to hurry to catch a Dublin print, it's limited to 400 (the Irish never waste good Guinness).

(Images: Me&Him&Her)

(Via: Fubiz)