Artful Pulp Fiction Collector Card Illustrations


How did you celebrate the 20th anniversary of Pulp Fiction? With a damn good milkshake and a twist-off? An attempt at making your own Big Kahuna Burger

While we sat ourselves down last October to rewatch our well-worn DVD, creative studio MUTI set about making a suitably stylish tribute. We would have joined them, but our MS Paint skills are somewhat lacking.

The works from MUTI's artists are stunning: two poster sets, featuring bold, stylised interpretations of some of Tarantino's most beloved characters, and a series of portraits based on vintage cigarette collectors cards. Clean, elegant, they're enough to make us want to dig out the DVD all over again.

Well, if you insist...

(Images: MUTI/Licence, CC 3.0)

[Via: Fubiz]