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Anyone for cricket bread? Prepare for I'm A Celebrity meets Bake-Off

It's high in protein, apparently

Anyone for cricket bread? Prepare for I'm A Celebrity meets Bake-Off
Danielle de Wolfe
17 December 2019

If you’ve spent the past few weeks watching I’m A Celebrity and now find yourself lost without a daily dose of creepy crawlies and bush tucker trials, you’re in luck, for one British bakery has come to the rescue.

Now, you too can devour insects like jungle dweller you were always destined to be, thanks to freshly baked “Crunchy Cricket” loaves.

Yes, you read that correctly, the limited edition batches genuinely contain crickets.

Created by Roberts Bakery in Norwich, the loaves are made using cricket flour (we didn’t even know that was a thing) which has been supplied by a company called Eat Grub who specialise in insect food. Ew.

One look at Roberts Bakery’s website and you spot the tagline “embrace the new” - which is certainly what you’ll have to do if you’re thinking about starting an insect-based diet.

Each loaf of bread is reported to contain 336 crickets which are ground down and mixed in with the flour and grains. The loaves also contain more protein than the average loaf, so ideal for gym fiends looking to pack extra protein into their diet.

According to the bakers, the final product is “a tremendously tasty loaf with a crunchy finish”. Despite that ringing endorsement, we’re still not convinced.

“As well as having very strong sustainability and environmental credentials, insects are also seriously tasty and shouldn’t be overlooked as a great recipe ingredient,” notes Alison Ordonez, head of innovation at Roberts Bakery.

The news comes as the popularity of edible creepy crawlies has exploded onto the mainstream in the UK. Even high street supermarket Sainsburys now stocks a variety of flavoured insects - like these sweet chili and lime crickets (also created by Eat Grub funnily enough).

Only last year the United Nations revealed that an estimated two billion people eat insects and more than 1,900 species are currently used for food.

It’s certainly a food that’s not for the squeamish - and we have to admit, we’re more than a little bit intrigued by the new creation. We guess the proof really will be in the tasting.

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