This angry IKEA rant turned into a beautiful love story

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Alexandra Haddow

When a dissatisfied IKEA customer sent a twitter rant about their flatpack furniture, it triggered a romance for the ages with their social media manager, but did they ever meet up?

We’ve all been there haven’t we? Valentine’s Day looming, trying to assemble flat pack furniture, you’re frustrated with love, life and affordable DIY storage space. 

Well, what if, from the darkness, from the half-lit spare bedroom where you’re going through instruction manual hell - came a bright shining light, guiding you towards a fully-functioning piece of homeware, and, perhaps, love?

Well that’s what happened when the man known online only as ‘Badgie’, tweeted a, let’s face it, fairly hyperbolised outburst towards IKEA on account of his anger towards assembling his daughter’s wardrobe:

We can only imagine that IKEA’s social media staff are trained to deal with such high pressure situations as threats of arson and, the C Word - because their reaction was calm and collected:

Thus ensued a modern love story for our times, where Leanne talked our Badgie off the proverbial ledge, and two became friends, maybe even more?

Is there a service whereby we can see a First Dates style ’What happened next?’ with these two? We can only hope they’re both single. Of course, the internet saw this flourishing, and wanted more from the loved up couple, but our winning comment goes to John McCarthy with this bomb pun:

Stay tuned to see if Badgie and Leanne ever move in together, buy their own furniture and….oh. 

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