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Adverts save Gillian McKeith

...but they don't always save the viewer

Adverts save Gillian McKeith

Well, that Gillian McKeith is a one. Preparing to do another one of those Bushtucker Trials, the controversial ‘nutritionist’ collapsed for the third time on I’m a Celebrity… last night (November 21). But did she? No sooner was she fainting on live TV, than she was being accused of faking her dramatic fall. Even Ant and Dec appeared less than convinced as they hurriedly switched to an advert break.

So, McKeith was saved by a pesky advert. Unfortunately, adverts can sometimes arrive at the wrong time for us the humble viewers…

Pictures: ITV/Rex Features

Fake fainting

You Are What You Eat

ITV drops an HD clanger

Everton v Liverpool, FA Cup

Not the perfect ad break

And finally...



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