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1 in 3 will be arrested by 23

Hope you like prison food

1 in 3 will be arrested by 23

If you’re thinking about getting yourself arrested, there has never been a better time according to depressing new figures.

If you’re American, nearly one in three of you will be gripped by the shame of those cold metal bracelets by the time you’re 23.

The cheery results of the research, conducted by the University of North Carolina-Charlotte, appear in US magazine Pediatrics.

The figures are up from a study published 44 years ago, which found 22% of youths were getting themselves in a bit of bother with the law.

In a statement of notable obviousness, Carnegie Mellon University Criminology professor Alfred Blumstein remarked: “There’s a lot more arresting going on now.”

Thanks, Alf.

(Image: Rex Features)

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