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You can hire a boat with Uber (in Istanbul)


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Uber is going to don its own nautical themed pashmina afghan with the launch of a new boat hire service for customers in Istanbul.

Announced to mark its first year of service in the Turkish capital, UberBOAT will allow users to hire a speed boat to transport them across the Bosphorus - the watery straight that divides the city's European and Asian halves. The fleet of boats has been provided by Turkish company, Navette, with each vessel capable of holding between 6-8 passengers. 

Much like it's existing taxi service, UberBOAT will base its fares on distance (sea miles) and total time of journey, with fare splitting available. Uber estimates fares will cost between £12 and £102.

Thank goodness they didn't launch this service in Germany, or they'd have had to have named it U-BOAT.

[Via: The Verge]


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