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World's Happiest countries according to Instagram


"#Happy", "#Smiling", "#YOLO", all hashtags that team at Jetpac mercifully ignored when they set about identify the happiest countries on Instagram.

To work out where social photographers seem most content, the city guide app used a far more sophisticated data collection process. Analysing 150 million publicly available photos, each with its own geo-parsing data, Jetpac carried out image reading process to identify faces and smiles - measuring the width and curvature of each smile.

The resulting "smile scores" (out of 100) for each location could then be calculated for geographic locations. Unsurprisingly, those countries with warm climates and miles of beaches came out on top. The UK? We were down in 62nd.

The top 20 are as follows, with each continent broken down in more detail below.

1. Brazil 60.8

2. Nicaragua 59.4

3. Colombia 49.8

4. Bolivia 48.1

5. Costa Rica 47.4

6. Honduras 47.2

7. Venezuela 45.2

8. Philippines 44.8

9. Guatemala 42.0

10. Mexico 40.1

11. Macedonia 40.1

12. Kazakhstan 39.6

13. Panama 39.4

14. El Salvador 36.2

15. Ecuador 35.3

16. Moldova 34.1

17. Netherlands Antilles 34.1

18. South Africa 33.6

19. Romania 33.4

20. Chile 33.4

(Images: Jetpac)

(Via: Fast Co)


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