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Women Reveal What They’re Actually Looking For On Tinder (And Their Answers Should Not Surprise You)


Since pretty much becoming the only way that people date these days, the general (slightly offensive) consensus is that women approach Tinder like some kind of sex weary 1920s housewife - whereas men approach it like sweaty sex pests with a taste for flesh and smut.

According to the responses of a recent Reddit thread asking ladies outright why they use the app, we’d argue that the majority of both men and women approach it in a similar way, because you know, we're all humans.

One that’s a rough middle ground between the too lusty and the wary that says: "I want to hook up with someone that’s not insane and I don’t want to be forever alone".

Here are the ten best (and most revealing) responses from the Redditors.


Its like playing a game. like, oh look! I matched with the shirtless man holding a fish! I get 10 points!


I used Tinder during my summer abroad to practice my French with locals in Paris. I never met up with any of them though, because that's how people get Taken.


My friends and I decided we wanted to make a dick-a-day calendar for a friend who is getting married so we trolled it for dick pics. I ended up with a boyfriend instead.


Someone to go down on me


I am looking for a normal guy to date and see if it can turn into something. Maybe he won't work, maybe he will become my best friend, only a regular sex friend, a boyfriend for a while, my future husband... who knows?


The love of an emotionally distant father.


Someone cool to hang out with and see if it turns into something. I've actually hung out with like 4 guys, 2 were duds, and 2 are amazing. Went on 1 date with each and have 2nd dates set up with each. I have no idea what to do if both of the second dates go well...


Sex. Someone to smoke weed with.


Ideally, I'd like a boyfriend. If I happen to meet somebody with whom I clicked well with sexually but doesn't have long term potential, I'd be ok with a fwb situation. But that's not what I'm looking for.


People over 6 foot apparently


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