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Welsh Lamb Beer contains actual lamb


Ah St David's Day. Not as well known as St Patrick's, more respected than St George's, it usually passes us by with little fuss. Until now.

In order to celebrate their patron's festival, a North Wales brewer has created honorary tipple 'Sunday Toast' - a beer infused with Welsh lamb.

A tester beer of Conwy Brewery, Sunday Toast is a full bodied dark ale made with roasted malts. To create this special ale, the brewery slow roasted some select Welsh lamb, adding the dissolved meat juices to the ale along with some priming sugar to allow for secondary fermentation (giving it an extra fizz). Bottled from the cask, it's kept warm for one week before being served.

While the ale won't be going on sale in time for St David's day (1 March), the positive feedback Conwy Brewery has received could result in this lamb-infusion ending up in your local ale house in the future.

We'll be adding the juices of our Sunday roast to a pint in honour of Conwy's attempts.


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