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This Is Either The Best Or Most Ridiculous Themed Bar In London


A new bar is set to open in the Big Smoke next week that’s themed around the stock market, a sector you could argue is painfully overlooked amongst the capital’s bustling drinking holes. Or, you know, you couldn’t.

Either way, it’s happening and, dry subject aside, Reserve Bar Stock Exchange could be so bonkers that it’s managed to go all the way back around to brilliant.

You see, the theme is so much more than just Wall Street fashion, the bar is reactive to consumption: just like the stock market. Meaning that drinks prices fluctuate depending on their popularity at any given time.

So essentially, if you buy a killer round of the exact same drink you’ll send the price soaring for everybody else in the bar, which actually sounds quite fun in a weird way. Not to mention entertaining from a voyeuristic point of view.

Even more interesting is that, just like the real stock market, if there’s a crash a siren will sound – only this time it’s a good thing, letting you know that your round is about to get considerably cheaper. Which is probably our favourite part of the whole thing.

How it’ll work in practise remains to be seen but idea of a bar where you can effectively control the price of your booze is definitely a new one to us.

Reserve Bar Stock Exchange opens on Gresham Street next week if you fancy getting tipsy like a cutthroat Gordon Gecko.


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