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These are the tube lines where you’re most likely to be pick-pocketed


In news that will shock absolutely no-one who's ever had to fight their way through rush hour on Oxford Street, the Central Line (the one that’s red because it’s like hell) has been revealed as the tube line that you’re most likely to have something pinched on.

According to figures obtained by IB Times UK, of the 15,635 accounts of recorded theft in 2014 that took place on the underground, 2,100 took place on the Central Line.

Stark contrast to the Waterloo and City Line (although in fairness it only has two stops) which could appear to be London’s safest haven with only 12 reported offences for 2014.

The full round-up of London’s safest (and most Fagin-friendly) lines is below:

  1. Central Line – 2100 offences

  2. Piccadilly Line – 1924 offences

  3. Jubilee Line – 1855 offences

  4. Northern Line – 1773 offences

  5. London Overground – 1541 offences

  6. District Line – 1516 offences

  7. Victoria Line – 1348 offences

  8. Circle Line – 1136 offences

  9. Bakerloo Line – 937 offences

  10. Metropolitan – 781 offences

  11. DLR – 712 offences

  12. Waterloo & City Line – 12 offences


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