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The World's Weirdest Games


Humans are an odd bunch. We can't be left alone with nothing to do for five minutes without finding some way of killing time. No matter where we are in the world, we'll turn a stick, a few rocks and the nearest tame animal into a game of such magnitude that it'll divide friends and inflame life-long rivalries. 

You'd think it might be to distract us from miserable surroundings, to make the best of things. Yet, as this excellent chart from Cape Portfolios shows, it's a common occurrence in the warm climbs of Malta or on the beaches of Brazil - nothing can distract people from making a good game of throw-the-rock-at-the-other-rock. Or similar. 

From the Finnish sport of wife carrying to the English affection for chasing cheese down a hill, Around the World in 80 Games records some of the more bizarre folk games of the world. We're off to Wales to see what all the fuss is about Man vs Horse. 

(Images: Rex; CapePortfolios)

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