Instant Improver

The Scientifically Best Times To Be Creative


It's an old saying that everyone has a novel in them but, to be honest, most of us would be happy with simply getting round to writing anything of note; a song, a poem, or just a short story.

And even if we find the time, there's nothing worse than sitting down in front of a blank page and coming up with nothing. However, help is at hand with this new infographic, created by Quick Sprout, which has 'scientifically proved' that the best times for creative writing and thinking are in the mornings and the evenings.

While this unfortunately dictates that you won't be able to enjoy too many lie-ins, it does mean that you can schedule in some extensive daytime TV watching without feeling any guilt whatsoever.

Take a look at the infographic and see if you can pick up a few tips - click on the image to zoom in.

(Image: Quick Sprout)