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Should You Be Taking A Hot Or Cold Shower?


Cold showers aren’t only the preserve of bloodied action heroes – they’re actually quite popular for normal folk too.

Long thought to boost your immune system and burn fat, many more people than you'd think choose a dose of icy water overhead as opposed to the warmer stuff. But what special powers do the respective temperatures actually give you, and just which is better?

This handy infographic, compiled by Luna Sleep, shows that there's not much in it, with hot showers reducing body tension, swelling and anxiety, while a cold shower can stimulate one’s immune system, increase alertness, prevent colds, release anti-depression hormones, accelerates your metabolism and, most interestingly of all, reduce hair loss.

So do you fancy going bald or being ridden with anxiety? It's a tough call, or at least enough to debate your daily regime.

Who knows, maybe you'll want to have both.