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These are the degrees you should have studied to become stinking rich


"Study something you enjoy", said the career adviser. 

"University is much more than a degree," said the teacher.

What do you expect from a generation of professionals who didn't have to pay a penny in tuition fees? We can only imagine the shift in UCAS applications if students were given the research results data site before filling out their forms.

The money-minded study has sifted through's members to compile a list of degrees with the highest financial return within five years of graduating.

The results found that students looking for a quick, fat pay check should be looking towards an economic degree, with graduates earning as much as £45,000 within five years of graduating. No surprises in second, with law graduates handing over their social lives in return for an average figure of £42,000.

Things only change subtly after a 15-year-long career, with economics students pulling in around £125k. Which is a ridiculous amount of money.

Sure, enjoying a subject can be crucial if you're looking to win on the ol' happiness front - but nonetheless you might have preferred slogging through three years of numbers instead if you'd known your fine arts degree was going to give you a lower salary than the majority of jobs that don't even require a degree qualification...

Here's the top 14 courses that'll make you into a trillionaire. Unless you're feeling lucky and fancy just dropping out all together and forming the next Microsoft on your own terms...

1. Economics - £45,000

2. Law - £42,000

3. Maths/Statistics - £39,000

4. Chemistry/Natural Sciences - £38,000

5. Accounting/Business/Finance - £37,000

6. Engineering - £37,000

7. Computer Sciences - £37,000

8. Physics/Life Sciences/Healthcare - £36,000

9. Management/Strategy - £36,000

10. History/Geography/Politics - £34,000

11. Modern Languages - £32,000

12. Philosophy - £32,000

13. English Literature - £31,000

14. Fine Arts/Design - £25,000

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[Via: The Telegraph]


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