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The Country Brits Are Most Likely To Be Arrested In Isn't As Obvious As You Think


Ask most visitors to the UK about their hosts and they’ll tell you we’re a land of chivalry, an island of intellect crammed with people so furiously polite they’re unable to get through a sentence without apologising once – actually, sorry, we mean twice.

Which makes it all the more of a shame that Britons' own reputation as holidaymakers comes in for flak so regularly. Much of it deserved of course; fuelled by the rise of cheap flights to cheap destinations and even cheaper booze. And why you'll currently find British police officers patrolling the beaches of Ibiza and Magaluf. 

Even so, it now transpires that Spain doesn’t even figure in the top three destinations where Brits are more likely to be arrested, nor does it place in the top three place where Brits are more likely to take a trip to hospital: as new study by MyVoucherCodes wades into this very terrain - illustrating it in smashing style too.

Click the gallery to see the findings below. Some may just surprise you.


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