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The Big Guy Weight-Loss Guide


ESPN’s Ed Cunningham had to put on five stone to get into his college American football team. He was 22 stone at his heaviest, but after retiring he decided to get leaner. This is how he did it.

Cut the starch
"If starch and sugar is all you get rid of, it’s shocking how much healthier you’re already eating. The meal that was the easiest for me was a big green salad, with cheese and bacon and all kinds of oil-based dressings, and grilled steak or chicken."

Keep it simple
"Squats and lunges. In your hotel room, holding your briefcase in one hand and your suitcase in the other, making sure you have good form. Then go out on the street, and say ‘I’m going to sprint to that red car, and then I’m going to rest for 30 seconds. And then I’m going to sprint to that blue car, and then I’m going to rest for a minute’ for a mile and a half. Do all this three times a week."

Give it 75 per cent
"I train and eat properly 75 per cent of the time, and sometimes eat a pizza on a Saturday. I like to have a little belly."

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