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The 10 Commandments of Steak

Make sure you get your steak right. Follow these rules and things will be hunky-dory.

1. Find a good, honest butcher.

2. Refrigerate the steak in its paper — not in plastic — on a plate.

3. Cook over charcoal. Failing that, invest in a griddle pan. Both should be smoking hot.

4. Cook the steak when it’s reached room temperature.

5. Season the steak with salt and pepper just before you cook it.

6. A good steak shouldn’t need oil, but if you insist, apply it to the steak, not the pan or the grill.

7. Well-done steaks should be finished in the oven.

8. Leave the steak for a few minutes for colour, but then turn regularly to prevent burning.

9. Don’t be afraid of dark meat. It’s just the ageing process.

10. Rest the steak on a warm plate once it’s cooked. The general rule is rest it at least as long as you’ve cooked it.


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