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London Transport Is Officially The Most Expensive In The World


Only just got over the impending strikes? Then you might as well add this to your London travel woes.

According to research conducted by Labour mayoral hopeful Dame Tessa Jowell and her team, London is apparently the most expensive ‘metro-using’ city in the entire world, coming out tops in a list of 20 other connected metropolises.

A single journey in the capital will cost you three times the amount of the same ticket in New York and four times that of the equivalent in Paris.

If you were to travel from zones one to six in London, the one-way journey would cost you £5.10, a day travel card comes in at £11.70. This is double the amount that residents of any other city pay for similar journeys, with the exception of Washington DC – where the highest fare is £3.79 for one journey and a day ticket costs £9.32. Which is still lower than London.

Couple this with the fact that the tubes regularly break and our roads are also the most congested in the entirety of Europe, and it’s pretty safe to say that we’re quite rubbish at travelling.

Still, at least the weather has started to slightly pick up.


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