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London Is Getting An Utterly Bonkers Sky High Swimming Pool


“You know what would make this swim miles better? If we were really high and when you looked down you thought you were going to die.” Said the creator (probably) of this stupidly extravagant swimming pool.

Suspended 10 storeys high between two apartment blocks and connecting communal rooftop terraces, the pool is the inspiration of Sean Mulryan, chairman and founder of developer Ballymore.

Dubbed as a ‘world first’ by HomesandProperty, a term usually reserved for describing either opulence (9000karat gold plated iPhone rings) or things that probably shouldn’t exist (glass swimming pools suspended in the sky).

The pool will be seen in all its shimmering high-flying glory at Nine Elms, London’s newest riverside district beside the iconic Battersea Power Station.

Clocking in at an astonishing 90ft long by 19ft wide, and almost 10ft deep (water depth will be four feet) the pool with be encased in eight-inch thick glass. Which is pretty thick, although one does wonder if it’s thick enough to risk your life for the sake of a swim.

The pool will provide skyside soaks for residents in the two apartment blocks which, in case you were wondering, will cost around around £600k from September.

Classic London house prices.


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