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How Much Do You Lie On Your CV?

Fluent in five languages with a masters in rocket science? No? Well then, you’re probably not immune to telling the odd fib on the CV, are you?
Exaggerating your speciality in a previous role or skillset (who the hell really knows how to use Microsoft Excel?) is almost so expected these days that breaking down a CV can be a real minefield for recruiters.
So just how much lying is too much when you’re writing a CV, and how guilty are you of pushing the boundaries of truth to look better in front of an employer?
Sorry fellas - on average, men lie twice as much as women, while, perhaps most worrying of all for anyone commonly fibbing on a CV, 51 per cent of employers claimed they would automatically reject a potential employee they believed was lying on their CV.
Word to the wise: you might want to scratch ‘super awesome helicopter pilot’ from your hobbies section now.

Resume Lie Statistics