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Here's Where Your Airline Luggage Goes After You Check It In


Baggage carousels – the Russian roulette of holidaymaking.

Spot your bag, you’re free to go. Nervily wait for half an hour, you'll have to sweat it out as the fate of your holiday hangs in the balance.

But just where do your bags go before they reach this magical merry-go-round? Who gets to handle them? Does anyone look inside? Why is it so dirty? Is there a time portal involved?

Hoping to answer at least one of those questions, the good folk at Thrillist recently attached a 360 degree camera onto a checked piece of baggage inside Amsterdam’s Shiphol Airport, filming its adventure through the endless labyrinth of conveyer belts and elevators.

It’s even more complex than you imagined. Well, unless you’ve watched Die Hard 2 or Toy Story 2, in which case it’s just like that.

There are hardly any people in sight during the conveyor belt ride, which is rife with so much turbulence and speed that it’s any wonder the case doesn't fall into the great abyss below.

If the tray is a mine cart, and the bag Indiana Jones, this video below is pretty much The Temple Of Doom.



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