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Stats Show Why You Should Never Get In A Car With A Salesman


Not only should you never take a salesman’s word as gospel, apparently you shouldn’t trust them behind the wheel either.

According to a study by Car Insurance, salesmen are some of the worst drivers on British roads after oil rig workers (which we’re putting down to the excitement of being back on dry land).

The research found that 21.1% of sales directors had a driving conviction (suggesting they're pretty risky when it comes to hitting the tarmac) compared to only 3.3% of actuaries (which you'd only expect), who are the best drivers in the country.

We're not sure this is good news for local car dealerships. We'll pass on the test drive.

Here are the ten worst drivers by occupation, descending in comparative skill from Peter Griffin to Maureen Rees:

10. Site agent (19.2%)
9. Service engineer (19.3%)
8. Area manager (19.4%)
7. Refrigeration engineer (19.6%)
6. Company director (19.7%)
5. Asbestos remover (19.9%)
4. Managing director (20.9%)
3. Operations director (21%)
2. Sales director (21.1%)
1. Oil rig crew (22.9%)

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