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Chris Ramsey on why Newcastle is the best place to be a man


As we quest for the greatest city to be a man in UK, comedian Chris Ramsey offers his thoughts on his favourite: Newcastle 

"Newcastle has unbelievable nightlife. There can be three foot of snow and the girls will still be in tiny dresses and the blokes in jeans, shoes and a shirt. If you ask where the cloakroom is, they’ll probably think you’re asking for drugs and kick you out.

"We’ve had a resurgence of places that do huge plates of blokey, Man vs Food, meat. Lots of ironically trendy real-ale pubs have popped up, too.

"Football is very much in the blood. There’s always a good atmosphere in the city centre on a match day – when they’re not smashing up the place because they’ve been beaten by Sunderland.

"Southerners should not be scared of coming here. They should come up for the shops, the nightlife and to see it’s not like Geordie F*cking Shore."

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