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Best Workout Apps


Struggling to motivate yourself to remove yourself from your house or office to hit the gym? Would it help if, at the end of your workout, you earn a reward like a PlayStation Trophy or Xbox Achievement? Here are four apps that offer just that…


Tracking your activities earns points, which lead to level ups you can compare to your friends. Or take on a challenge against your friends or a robot called FRED.


Habit RPG

This role-playing-style app lets you level up and earn credits after a workout to buy weapons and armour for your character. A shield for press-ups? Worth it.


Epic Win

This app turns everyday jobs into ‘quests’, earning you points to move you along a ‘quest map’. A workout might earn you a ‘Horn Of Raving’. Whatever that is.


Zombies, Run!

Why just run when you can also escape zombies? Has options for indoor and outdoor running and ‘zombie chase interval training’.