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Be Crisis-Ready With The Taurus First 24 Kit


No, that's not Bear Grylls' lunchbox. Although we wouldn't be surprised to see the noted outdoorsman clutching one of these when he next parachutes into the wilderness.

The Taurus First 24 Kit - so named because the first 24 hours of any crisis are critical - is designed to give you absolutely everything you need when disaster strikes. 

The box has been "curated" by survival experts, and includes a CRKT Knife, Bright Strike flashlight and emergency signal, a compass, and everything you need to start a fire, all housed in a lightweight waterproof case manufactured by SKB. It's also got 6 AA batteries, so you can guarantee that when disaster strikes, you'll actually need triple As instead. That's just the way of the world.

The kit also includes a Taurus Judge revolver, so if you're missing long enough and start to lose your mind, you can at least break the monotony by reenacting the best bit of The Deer Hunter

We can't help feeling that a mobile phone and a flare gun might have been more useful, but then we got lost in the Homeware section last time we went to Sainsbury's. So what do we know?

[Via Uncrate]


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