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Apparently Sex Doesn't Actually Sell At All


Carl’s Jr, Diet Coke, and every perfume advert out there – there are countless products which use sex to sell. But do they? If Protein World-gate was anything to go by, it appears that the advertising tactic is starting to fizzle out.

Now new research from Ohio State University has found that using raunchy imagery doesn’t actually sell. We’re apparently simpler than we realise, and adverts that are too hot to handle mean that we don’t even pay attention to the product.

The researchers found that while sex (and violence) definitely make us look, a sensory overload means that our memories, attitude and buying intentions are impaired.  

We initially objected to this finding, thinking we notice both the sex and the product. But then we realised that we had to Google the name of the game that Kate Upton is currently plugging. It’s Game of War, FYI. 

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