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Which of these dogs is more likely to attack you?


Postmen look away now.

This brilliant infographic, compiled by US law firm Robert J. DeBry Associates for the purposes of pet insurance information, lists the dogs most likely to sink their teeth into your backside.

And while the usual suspects are in there (Pit Bull, German Shepherd, Rottweiler and other dogs often used to patrol junk yards in crime thrillers), even listing the sort of force those canines are packing in their jaws – a few of the breeds may surprise you.

Take the Chihuahua for instance. That walking handbag accessory of a dog is actually considered one of the most dangerous breeds, notable for a short temper and sharpness of the teeth. And the Cocker Spaniel? That's also likely to sink its fangs into you – just watch out for any solid coloured cocker spaniels, mind, as that’s the type most likely to bite according to one study by Cambridge University.

Another breed belying its cute looks is the Chow Chow, known to be very aggressive and even seen as a high-risk breed by some insurance companies.

Man’s best friend? Think again.


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