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A Visual Guide To Successful Sleep Patterns


"Sleep well?" 

We're not sure who started this social convention. Why, when stumbling into a flatmate or family members first thing in the morning, do you need to know how they slept? It's either a bland "Yes" or a "No", inevitably followed up with a drowsy complaint about next door's cat or an overly enthusiastic bin man.

It would be a far more enlightening conversation starter if everyone studied the following guide from Made to Measure Blinds. Compiled using the results of a YouGov poll of 1,401 world-weary workers, the Successful Sleep Pattern chart explores the slumbering habits of various professions, identifying the common sleeping cycles of each, along with some all-star highlights.

Divided by job type, the circular chart marks the average number of hours slept with a coloured section of an overall percentage. For instance, just over 10 per cent of marketing and PR types get a restless three hours of sleep a night, while nearly 70 percent of them enjoy seven to eight hours a night.

So next time you're asked how you slept, we expect you to give a detailed response with reference to your preferred cycle (see the foot of the chart) and comparison to famous sleepers. 

Or you could just say "Fine" like usual.

[Via: Made to Measure Blinds]

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