World's First Hipster Cola


In the same year that a certain global drinks brand is set to dominate London with sponsorship of the 2012 Games, two East London chefs have chosen to launch their own take on the ever popular cola.

Dalston Cola is made using kola nuts, the ingredient reputedly used to make the original Coca Cola. Although the similarities between the origins, look and feel of the two drinks end there.

Dalston Cola is a lower in sugar, zesty, drink that's lightly carbonated by hand. It’s made using natural ingredients that are Fairtrade and organic where possible. Its cloudy appearance and natural flavour are a result of the use of raw ingredients and its hand-crafted production processes.

The result? A hipster drink named after London's most hipster area, Dalston. You can buy it here and the RRP £1.80 per 275 ml bottle.


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