World Cup 2018: Top Tweets


It's a right hoot this World Cup bid. Millions of pounds thrown at it and the constant danger of it all being wasted. A right giggle!

Let's celebrate the joviality with a compendium of the funniest tweets of the day. Top tweet will win a fairly woeful prize from somewhere in the ShortList office. Tweet us @ShortListMag.

'Mayb UK need to do a BucksFizzEurovision: av Cameron ripoff Beckham's sarong in a dance routine to tie presentation together?' (Filmaluation)

'The theme here is beg-friends. Prince William's duet with Beckham should be good.' (MrDanielPrior)

'FIFAexecutives are looking at Prince William David Cameron & David Beckham & playing the easiest game of Shag Marry Kill ever.' (louisharris)

'This reminds me of GCSE results day except, you know, this actually means something.' (thecutawayuk)

'Hoping Cameron can convince Sportugal or Russia into a coalition if we don't win.' (ACrispix)

(Main image: Rex)

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