Cow killing options for tastier beef


A German website is offering its customers the option of having cows slaughtered in the field while they graze for a different tasting beef.

Customers at www.mycow.de, based in the northeastern German state of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania can choose whether cows are killed traditionally (the old slaughterhouse style) or in a field as they graze away. You know, surprise element style.

Considered more humane the field method apparently provides tastier beef because the cow isn't unduly stressed before its final moo. Apparently surging adrenaline during strenuous slaughterhouse killing toughens up their meat. We'd imagine no adrenaline pumps at all when you're chilling in a field and a man bursts out of the shrubbery with a stun gun. Real casual, like.

The field-killing method is more expensive and difficult so few farmers use it. A 5 kilogramme packet from www.mycow.de starts at about €75.

“This is a much more gentle slaughtering process,” Susanne Marx, the website's operator, told The Local, saying that the beef www.mycow.de sells comes from “happier cows.”

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