Virgin launches creepy in-flight flirting service


On a long-haul flight, you probably want to settle into your own, shoe-free world of watching films you avoided at the cinema, eating food that you'd refuse to pay for at a restaurant and drinking far too much chilled red wine.

You're probably not in the mood to be a) a creep or b) the target of a creep's affections. Well, tough, because Virgin have other plans for you.

To promote their new Los Angeles to Las Vegas route, they have launched "seat-to-seat delivery" which allows you to flirt with your fellow passengers by buying them drinks, meals and snacks via your in-flight entertainment system.

In the video below, Richard Branson explains why treating a total stranger to nine hours of feeling uncomfortable is the quickest way to impress them.

Oh and good luck getting away from your new stalker. You're on a plane.

(Image: All Star)


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