VIDEO: Rollercoaster leaves father and son hanging


Is it just us, or are rollercoasters breaking down more these days? Well, this one here is a doozy.

Chinese emergency services were called to an ‘amusement’ park in Shandong Province after a father and son became stuck upside down on a busted ride 50 feet in the air.

Luckily, they were the only two thrill-seekers on the ride.

Rescuers tried a few different methods to free Mr Zhang and his son, including bringing in a bulldozer and a cherrypicker to pluck them from their seats, but rainfall hampered all efforts.

In the end, brute muscle was employed to haul the car down from the track with ropes, dislodging it, after which father and son were taken off to hospital.

[Via Telegraph]

(Image: Rex Features)


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