This beer trick video will get you in the mood for summer

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David Cornish

We're still yet to really get "in the mood" for summer.

Sure, the football has been good (so long as your hopes weren't vested in English performances) and Wimbledon is coming along nicely ("Come on Tim" lol etc) - but a combination of political gloom matched by melancholy weather has taken the edge off our seasonal excitement. 

Which is where The Packard Brothers come in. This sunglasses donning duo have a unique knack for tossing each other a cold one - through, over, across and around a series of unlikely obstacles. Yes, it's ridiculous. Totally pointless. Yet this latest compilation of beer-throwing efforts - which must have taken them hours - has got us longing to stick on some shorts, set fire to a grill and accumulate a concerning level of sunburn. 

Crack open a tinny and enjoy.

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David Cornish

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