This amazing photo of a sloth is the reason selfie sticks were invented


Two things you need to know about sloths: 1) they’re one of the planet’s most docile creatures, and 2) they bloody love a good selfie.

No more so than this one, captured in his rain forest habitat by a happy go lucky stranger with a selfie stick, and looking delighted at a stranger poking his smartphone extender stick upwards into his blanket of branches.

Had the sloth been taking lessons from red carpet pro Tom Cruise? Was it stoned during the taking of this shot? While we'll never know the answer to these questions we do at least know we've a newfound respect for selfie sticks.

Indeed, until this point mankind has had an understandable dislike of the selfie stick - oft seen at tourist-cluttered landmarks by couples who spend minutes framing the shot from high above so they can affectionately devour each other’s faces - but perhaps we were being slightly harsh. 

As for this now famous sloth, if Kim Kardashian hasn't trekked to get a selfie with it by next week we'll be mighty surprised.