New Second Largest Building in the World


We harp on a lot about the world's largest/best/most expensive [insert appropriate noun here], but what about the ones that don't make the cut?

Case in point, the Long'ao government building in Jinan city, China, which has just been named the world's second largest.

Located in the Shandong province, the venue ranks as the planet's runner-up in terms of floor area size, and is only beaten by –the United States' Department of Defense behemoth, the Pentagon.

The structure cost £399m (4 billion Yuan) and covers an area of 370,000 square metres. Its longest corridor measures 1km long (we've done some research and on average it would take you 15 minutes to walk it). It also has more than 40 elevators and boasts 45,000 telephones and computers.

More photos below.

(Images: Rex Features)


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