The Brilliant Steaklocker


The steaks have just been raised - both figuratively and literally.

Any certified carnivore will know that a magical process happens if you allow a prime hunk of cow flesh to dry out in a controlled environment: naturally occurring enzymes get to work, breaking down the structure of the meat and enhancing the natural flavours. These age dried steaks have long been reserved for the plates of those with deep stores of patience and deeper pockets - until now.

Meet (or rather, meat) Steaklocker, the dry age steak fridge that's looking to save bovine addicts a bundle of money. Rather than paying butchers' prices, the Steaklocker allows anyone with a spare plug in their kitchen to replicated traditional dry ageing techniques in a high tech (it uses a digital hygrometer controller, what ever that is), easily controlled environment. Buy your cut of meat, leave it in the Steaklocker for at least 21 days and you'll have created your very own dry aged steak. There's even an app to let you keep an eye on the steak's temperature and humidity.

Currently smashing its funding goal on Kickstarter, you can bag yourself a Steaklocker for £500. We expect an invite to sample your first cuts. We'll bring the chips.


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