The £2 Christmas dinner


For all of those bonafide Christmas-celebrators, December is a cruel, expensive month of the year.

Spending your hard-earned wages on buying gifts and socialising, it's a tough time for most of us. So, saving cash along the way is always a bonus. But, there are limits...

Behold the £2 ($3) Christmas dinner. It's a meal that would transform a joyous day of over-indulgence into a depressingly basic endurance test.

Created by youth website Student Beans, the meal assembles some simple essentials and only requires a toaster and a microwave.

The full ingredients:

1 x pack of wafer thin sliced turkey

1 x pack of potato waffles

1 x bag of mixed frozen veg

1 x pack of stuffing mix

1 x jar of own brand gravy granules

1 x pack of cocktail sausages

1 x pack of sliced ham

If you feel like truly punishing yourself then the recipe can be found here. Think we'll stick to our goose fat roast potatoes...


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