'Superhero' arrested for pepper spray use


Seattle cops have arrested 'superhero' Phoenix Jones on four counts of assault when he saw and intervened in a street brawl.

Real name Benjamin Fodor, 23, claimed he saw two men fighting. When he tried to break it up, he ended up pepper spraying four people, including two women. He says he acted in self-defence.

A spokesman for the local police said: "Just because he's dressed up in costume, it doesn't mean he's in special consideration or above the law.

"You can't go around pepper spraying people because you think they are fighting."

On his Facebook page Phoenix said: "I'd never assault or hurt another person if they were not causing harm to another human being".

In January, Phoenix Jones was credited with foiling an attempted car crime. His vigilante activities have also resulted in him receiving a broken nose and being held at gunpoint.

Image: Rex


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