Simon Cowell and Hitler voted most recognisable faces


For the past 11 years, Simon Cowell has worked tirelessly to become the most hated man in the world. By tearing down the dreams of vulnerable youngsters and parading his riches for all those less fortunate to see, he's done an admirable job.

But it seems as if he hasn't been working hard enough.

Adolf Hitler, the original Mr. Nasty, has just topped a poll to unmask the most recognisable face in history. The war criminal pipped the reality TV mogul to the honour after 1,000 UK adults were asked to identify a selection of famous faces.

It was a close call with 944 respondents recognising Hitler, just one more than Cowell.

Henry VIII, Queen Victoria, Margaret Thatcher, Winston Churchill and Lady Gaga brought up the rear.

Key learnings: British people love the war and reality TV.


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