Sat Nav error sends two cars crash into the same wall in two days


SatNav can be a cruel mistress. Just ask the woman who missed her intended destination by 900 miles.

But in China GPS-assisted travel has hurled two motorists into the same wall within two days, with the wall being rebuilt between the two instances.

The two cars chit the wall in China's Hunan Province due to wrong instructions from their Sat Navs. The incidents took place on a highway that is still under construction.

The first accident took place on 14th February when Zhang Ping headed onto the road, despite knowing it wasn't yet complete (error 1), because the Sat Nav told him to (error 2).

Zhang said due to the thick fog on the highway he couldn't see far (error 3). "When I saw the block wall, it was too late."

Following the crash the wall was quickly repaired (error 4) but just two days later driver Yue Yongjun had an almost identical accident. Due to thick fog he couldn't see the road signs (error 5) and nobody informed the SatNav mapping agency (error 6) so when his device directed him onto the highway he smacked into the freshly built obstacle.

Image: Rex

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