Roger Moore Was Most Promiscuous Bond


Roger Moore, who starred in seven Bond filmsbedded a total of 19 beauties throughout his time playing 007. Sean Connery’s Bond followed Moore, sleeping with 15 Bond Girls throughout his six films playing the lead. Pierce Brosnan took third place for biggest Bond ladies man where his 007 enjoyed nine gorgeous women during his four movies.

Sean Connery’s Bond even enjoys an implied ménage à trois with two gypsy women. In fact Bond is seen to sleep with an astonishing 52 women over the course of the 22 completed films, on average bedding 2.36 stunning women per film.

Daniel Craig has, so far, had the least action between the sheets playing Bond – he is seen to be intimate with only two women on screen in his two films (pre-Skyfall) - followed by George Lazenby and then Timothy Dalton.

Via: Illicitencounters.com


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